Address: 2532 N 4th Street, PMB 556
Flagstaff, AZ 86004


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My lifelong goal was to write, and this is now my main focus. With several novels started and a few non-fiction ideas are on the back burner – it is time to put this dream into action. I look forward to sharing my progress. I am finishing my first novel, it is due to release by the end of 2018! Sneak peek coming soon! Watch the blog and newsletter for more information.


My life’s purpose is to comfort women, and provide a written beacon of positivity as we travel together through this crazy thing called life! I consider myself a survivor on multiple levels. I will dive into a few of the obstacles I face, and how I work on overcoming them. From sexual assault to life-threatening illness, I want to share insight and my story along the way.


Private coaching and workshop information will be coming soon. I look forward to meeting you in person!


My goal is to post to my blog a minimum of twice a week, and a live video twice a month. I look forward to relaxing and having a comforting cup of coffee or tea with you as we dive in. I enjoy crafting and will host random giveaways of items I make too - winners announced in my newsletter. (Subscribe)


Comments are always appreciated and much welcomed. You can also reach me directly via email if you have private prayer requests or just want to chat in confidence.


My very best,

Tammy Arlene