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Victoria is desperate to break the pattern of domestic abuse and fear as she visits an old inn she inherited years ago. With thoughts of escaping her past, she travels to the property with the intention of selling it and using the proceeds to start a new life. Learning to trust unlikely friends, she faces challenges that test her strength. She begins to learn about herself and realizes with budding faith and self-confidence, she may be up to the task of owning and running this viable business.


Will she be able to become an independent, take-charge woman who refuses to cower in the shadows? Will she be strong enough to stand up to her ex-husband and others who attempt to intimidate her and push her back into the shadows of her new self?



Join us on Tuesday, November 13th, 2018 from 5:00 pm to 7:00 pm MST at White Dove Coffee, 2211 E 7th Ave. in Flagstaff, AZ or Live on Facebook! 


The Coming Home book launch will be nonstop fun and giveaways every 20 minutes! Get Extra giveaway entries by RSVPing below!

All book sale proceeds from this event will go to Hope Cottage. For more information on this charity, check out their website - Hope Cottage



My lifelong goal is to write and encourage women. With one novel complete, several novels started and a few non-fiction ideas on the back burner – it is now time to put this dream into action.


Through God's Word, I provide a beacon of positivity to others as we travel together through this crazy thing called life! I consider myself a survivor on multiple levels. In writing, speaking and coaching, I dive into a few of the obstacles I have faced, and how, with Godly guidance, I worked on overcoming them. As a survivor of sexual assault, domestic violence, church hurt, and life-threatening illness, I share insight and my story as we forge a path toward healing and self-discovery. Please connect for private coaching or workshops. I look forward to meeting you in person!

If you would like to know more download the full Press Kit below!

Press Kit
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