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  • Tammy Arlene

Updated: Sep 8

To those that know me personally, I am ok!

Warning, this post may be triggering to some.

I feel led to call something out this morning.

It seems that when news of a celebrity committing suicide or struggling with addiction hits the airwaves, social media goes nuts. What is it about those that are rich and famous that fascinates the rest of us? Somehow, we feel a sympathetic connection to glamorous people we don’t even know, and who probably wouldn’t give an ounce of care about us.

Newsflash: We have lovely people all around us that are fighting the same battles. Look past your screens! Stop the scroll, and set down your phone for a few minutes. Please, look at the living and breathing people in your vicinity (and across the dinner table from you) instead.

When something traumatic happens to a celebrity, newsfeeds go abuzz with people posting emotional things like: “I am here for you if you are struggling,” “you can call me anytime,” and “my door is open if anyone needs to talk.” Or, my least favorite - the ultimate copy and paste (and overused) post with “sit on my sofa, the coffee is always on. Blah blah, blah.”

Can I call this out and make a suggestion? Think about it. Check your motivation before posting anything like this on social media. Do you really mean it? If in doubt, don’t post something you can’t back up.

Don’t post something to make yourself feel or look like a morally good or pious person. Don’t lie to yourself and others.

And, if you do decide to post something like this, be prepared to back it up with your whole heart. Be prepared for that friend to call you. They might. And you might let them down, if your heart is not in the right place. If someone shares a struggle with you because they believe what you posted, and you ghost them because you can’t handle what they’ve shared, how did you help them?

Let’s be real here. Think about it.

Just writing what I see.

Love Y’all,


Message me, or comment if you need prayer.

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  • Tammy Arlene

Sometimes a tiny mindset shift can impact an entire day!

I chose happiness (and coffee) when I woke up the day this photo was taken. It rained. I laughed, danced, and went hiking anyway.

There are so many other choices I could have made.

What we focus on first thing in the morning will affect the rest of the day.

I received call with disturbing medical news the other day. Praise God, I already put my robe of positivity on with my morning routine. I was able to process and accept the information in a way that was emotionally sound for me. I can focus without being bogged down with what the enemy would like me to focus on.

Instead, I reflect on Jeremiah 29:11

For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord,

“plans to prosper you and not to harm you,

plans to give you hope and a future”

Let’s be intentional on how we start our days. Here’s my morning schedule:

Wake up early (usually by 5 a.m.)

Grab Coffee on my way to the kitchen table


Read Bible


Make a list of everything I am grateful for

Then, I can move forward. After a little more coffee, that is.

Do you need to switch up your morning routine?

I’ve been blessed since I changed my morning routine this year. I’d love to hear about your routine too.



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  • Tammy Arlene

What defines me? Who am I?

This journey of self-discovery has proven it’s value. Sharing it has kept me accountable. I am blessed that you have taken time to read my ramblings.

The most important question to ask ourselves is: “Whose am I?”

Answer: I am a blessed and highly favored child of God! Knowing this FACT changes my perspective.

I am making healthy choices, despite obstacles that are thrown my way. I am maintaining positivity, despite negative thoughts and surroundings. All of this is because I am God’s beloved, and He is mine.

Today, I decided to make a list of my old thoughts vs. new thoughts as I grow and discover who I am.

Lies: Truths:

Sickly I am a survivor following Whipple and complications

Victim I survived domestic/sexual and emotional abuse

Dependent on opinion of others I make my own choices, led by God

Depressed Happiness is my choice

Focused on the past I’ve discovered grace I’ve received, and freely give grace

The words that stand out to me are:


Godly choices


Those all sound pretty good, considering the alternatives. I see it as sink or swim. I choose to swim.

It feels easy to focus on lies—the enemy would like us to do that.

The truth is, life is so much easier when we focus on God’s truth.

Whatever we focus on grows! If we focus on negative aspects of life, we will get more troubles and trials. I, for one, do not want any of that garbage piling up in my life. I’ve taken it out to the curb.

Let’s focus on the truth together. Water positive seeds, and see them grow into a beautiful life. Once I started focusing on the positive, I saw blessings all around. I pray you find the same.

Would making a list like this help you?

Blessings and hugs!


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