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Following Dreams

Starting this new venture and following my lifelong dream of writing is not only uncomfortable but downright scary! It is my dream, I feel it in my heart. I worry that I do not have everything mapped out in my head. I don’t know the words I will type, or if anyone will be interested enough to read them once they are typed. The act of asking someone to help set up this website caused doubt about my ability to write something worthy of publishing. It brought forward insecurity that I did not know existed. What I am getting at here is - sometimes we have to take a leap of faith to get to where we are meant to be. This is my leap.

I am blessed to have friends and mentors who encourage me, yet the leap is mine to take. The obstacle I am facing is invisible. The self-doubt and insecurity is in my head, and however valid it may feel, I must step over it. If you are reading this, then you know I took a leap of faith and hit publish! I am also leaping and writing daily to finish my first novel, details coming soon. Are your dreams blocked by invisible obstacles? Or is it something more tangible? You are not alone. My dreams have been blocked for years because of a successful career in sales that I was afraid to leave. Can I invite you to join me and take one small step toward your dream? That step may just be writing it down or creating a dream board for the new year. I am working on mine – photo coming in a future post!

Thank you to my family and friends for being patient and believing in me! And I especially give thanks to God for medical miracles, that I am alive and here to write this. That’s a story for another post.

Comments are welcome! Here we go . . .

Hit Publish Already Tammy! DO IT! (am I the only one who writes to herself??) Ok, one more sip of coffee. I’ll order another mocha, and after that, I’ll click publish. Here we go for certain this time.

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