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Finding Positive

I've found that when I am positive and happy, I run into positive and happy people. The opposite is true as well. I know, we have all been overwhelmed by the "law of attraction" phenomenon, I am here to tell you it is real!

If I wake up in the morning and think that the day will be terrible, then it will. I'll stub my toe, drop the shampoo in the shower and break the bottle open, spill my coffee, burn my toast . . . you get the picture. And to top it off, I will run into the most annoying people all day long.

On the other hand, if I wake up knowing that the day is going to be great - rather DECIDING that the day will be great - then it will. That stubbed toe will not bother me so much. Or it may not even happen. If I drop the shampoo and it runs down the drain, that is good because I can get a new bottle of some new brand I wanted to try.

It sounds so simple, and it is. But is it easy? No. We are programmed by media and our surroundings to look at negative. I am not talking about being overly phony or Pollyannaish, but hey - if that works for you, go for it! I am making the change. Who is with me?

I am starting by keeping a gratitude journal. Every evening, before turning out my bedside lamp, I will write down everything good that I remember happening in the day. Every morning, after reading a passage in my bible, I will read over my previous night's journal before getting out of bed.

Who is with me? Let's test this out. Starting tonight. Starting now.

Comment or message me and let me know how it goes!

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