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Exhausted? Overwhelmed?

I know we all feel these emotions from time to time. Life is busy! It is important to take time to breathe. To be mindful. When I feel that the world is spinning so fast I can't keep up, I try to take a timeout.

My time out looks like this:

Sitting in a chair, with feet flat on the floor. I put my hands on my belly and close my eyes.

Breathing into the count of 5, and out to the count of 7, I increase the count of both until I feel my heart rate slow, and calm comes over me. The counting gives me focus, and the breathing opens my lungs and I feel refreshed. Feeling my belly rise and fall and having my feet on the floor help me feel grounded and safe.

Do you need a time out? How do you stop the storms around you from causing you to be frazzled?

xoxo Tammy

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