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Mindset Shift


It's been quiet around here, aside from the clicking on my keyboard - because #iamwriting!

Over 20,000 words in! I am spending a lot of time on day job work and school, so my novel is plugging along slowly.

I was asked a question last week, and the way I answered it has been bothering me since then. As many know, I have returned to college. The question that I was asked was, "What are you going to college for?" My answer was "Bachelors in Creative Writing." That sounds simple enough, right?

Nope, that answer was wrong! The degree itself is a piece of paper. What I am actually going to University of Southern New Hampshire for - the reason I am up until wee hours of the morning typing papers and researching - is not for a "degree."

I am attending university for an education. I want to stretch myself. And I am learning so much. Retraining my brain at 47 to learn as a college student has not been easy, but it sure is rewarding. Plus, my courses are all online. Much different from when I took classes many years ago! I look at things differently now. Yes, it takes a lot of time and effort. Have I been exhausted and do I ever want to give up? Yes! Will I quit, NO!

And yes, it is all worth it.

So - to that random person I was chatting with at the grocery store - I have gone back to college for an education. This may or may not result in a degree. :)

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