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Walking and Chewing Gum

Just kidding about the chewing gum part! Although I might have some gum here in my purse, and I can really do both at the same time. I ate a kale salad with onions for lunch - just sayin'! Ok- I went off the rails there. Focus, Tammy, focus! :)

What I meant to write was:

I am beginning a journey, both physically and emotionally. When I walk, I ponder things. I meditate and focus on the rhythm of my footsteps. I live in a forested area, and I see the beauty of nature around me as I stroll. It never ceases to amaze. Some call this "forest bathing" and it is refreshing. If I walk indoors or away from nature, I see interesting people and architecture that I may not have noticed if I was driving. I can absorb my environment at a much more thoughtful pace on foot. Not to mention the physical benefits of moving my body like circulation, weight management, emotional well being. Plus it keeps this FitBit thing on my wrist happy.

My goal is to walk for 20- 30 minutes every Monday, Wednesday and Friday and follow the walk with a short journaling/creative 5-10 minute "burst" about my experience. I also aspire to have a National Park hike every other weekend. I would like to virtually invite you on this journey. If there is enough interest, we can create an online private group to share our experiences. Or you can always email me privately - or comment here publicly and let me know how it is going for you.

Now to go get my sneakers on! Let's roll.

All my best, TammyArlene

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