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My Vision for 2018 + Confession

Oops! You caught me! I haven't been reviewing my vision board, and I don't have a lot of goals clearly stated. It is back to the drawing board for me! I am going to create a goal list, with target dates and a schedule. This vision board shows how I would like my life to be - but I need goals and targets. I am a competitive / results oriented person! I need to see results.

I promised last week that I would post a photo of my vision board, and to tell you the honest truth, I was embarrassed to do it, hence the delay. I haven't made much progress on these things, and there are two reasons for this. I do not have clearly defined goals - and I did not review this weekly (or I would have known before now.) Red face, embarrassed. This is why I need to keep my goals on my mind all the time. That box in the bottom left is my "Win List" and I will list all the victories this year, as they happen. I still love this poster, because it reflects me. It makes me happy. It is now in a special place in my home office so I can look at it often.

So, with all those words, what I am trying to say is I need to keep this vision board and a separate, well defined, specific list of goals - including deadlines - in front of me, or I will be looking at this in May and saying the same thing! I am keeping this one, to track my "WINS" but I am also going to sit here right now and make my list. The list will stay on the wall next to my desk, so I see it every day. Then I will write that down as a WIN and place a pretty star right next to it.

Keep me accountable! Please!

How is your vision board going? Did you set goals as well? Drop me a snail mail note, email, comment and let me know. I'd love to hear from you.

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