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How are You?

This may seem random an simplistic to many. I have created a little challenge for myself. I am actually going to stop and listen to people when I ask this question. Those three words - "How are you?" have become random conversation inserts, but I've noticed that they get said with no real meaning. The common response is "Fine" and we move on. But that really doesn't answer the question, does it? HOW are they doing? What does "Fine" mean?

My goal is to become more mindful every day. This is one thing that I can add to my life starting today. I am only going to ask someone how they are if I really, truly expect an answer. I believe we care about how others are doing, but have become so busy that we miss out on what is important - the person in front of us. Today I ordered a coffee, paid and was handed a mug by someone who was completely absorbed by their phone screen. I am guilty of this too. Yes, we can get things done, but no, we cannot connect this way. In an effort to stay "connected" I have actually been "disconnected."

So I am asking you - How are you? Feel free to email, snail mail, comment. I'd love to hear about you, learn about your goals and visions, and let you know how much I appreciate that you stopped by to spend a few minutes reading my blog.

All my best,

Tammy Arlene

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