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It's Not About You - or is it?

Did you ever read or overhear something and think someone was talking about you? I will read something and wonder how the writer knew about how I felt, or what I did. I'll pick up a book, this happens often with my Bible and read a passage and it is like WHAMMO - that was for me. I feel like this is more of a confessional than a blog - because I have not been to church in a while. However, when I did show up, I heard the message and thought that someone must have been gossiping to the pastor about me! The only thing is, I'd never been to that church and didn't know a soul there.

I believe that things are happening all around us, and the answers and messages we need show up if we are listening. The key is to be open when it happens. There may be lessons to be learned. Of course, there is seemingly negative noise as well - and I do my best to block that out unless it is useful in some way. If it is just negative - flush!

Sometimes the lessons are hard ones to learn. In my case health usually plays a role in getting my attention. For example, when I've felt like I have so much work to do, and I am "way too busy" to practice self-care - BAM - Internal bleeding and ICU for a few days for me. I am forced to be still, in an ironic way. Sometimes I get to visit the trauma unit, which is never good. Add anesthesia, an invasive scope or two, some varix banding and other stuff while we are at it and I learn my lesson. At least until I am out of the hospital, then I would start out again on the same busy path. Up until recently, I would work from my hospital bed then return full force to work the next day after release! I fully believe that this is an example of me ignoring the little messages I receive about rest, fluid intake, proper diet, and mindset. Wouldn't it have been easier to take a break, drink water and get a pedicure? Take a half hour to pet my dog, color or draw? I keep talking about starting yoga practice too. Walking in the forest and breathing in the fresh air is a better option than breathing in the sick air at the hospital!

I hope you take some time this weekend to tune in to that little voice. Take some "You" time. You are beautiful, important and valuable.

If you have a moment, email me and let me know what you did just for YOU! I love to hear from you.

All my best, Tammy Arlene

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