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Procrastinate Much?

Hi there. How are your vision boards going? I'd love to see photos :) I am working away on the project for the March giveaway. It may or may not be the blanket I have shared on FB. It is almost finished. I have a few other projects in the works too. I am not sure if I'll do the giveaway on Facebook Live or on a video that I'll share here - I'm still learning and will keep you posted. Remember, anyone who snail mails me will get entered. (Psst - my mailing address is under the "Contact Me" tab.) I love receiving email, but snail mail is special and makes my heart happy. I just may write you back.

Soon, I will be!

Procrastinating is on my mind lately, as I have been putting things that are important to me off for far too long. An example is my novel. I am tired of making excuses for not having it done. I am sitting down, doing the work - and it is actually getting written. Whether it is any good or not is not my current focus. For now, I am getting it done. 30,000 words on the page so far! I am at the halfway mark and it feels really good.

I've found that, at least with me, procrastination is the byproduct of fear. I have done all this "talking" about writing a novel for years - and never actually finished one. I have 11 started! Talk about a professional procrastinator. I made every kind of excuse. I was busy being a single mom, I was busy with my new marriage, care for my mother and son. Work was time-consuming. My health, hospital stays . . . blah, blah, blah. I read countless books and magazine articles about writing. See what I mean? I could have made time to write, or used that time to put my words on the page. Most successful authors have an actual life and are able to write too. I am putting the excuses aside, facing the fear - and writing anyway. End rant :)

I am not sure what I am afraid of. Perhaps I fear failure, criticism, or even worse, success. Either way - I am writing in spite of it. I am focused, I am determined to finish this draft in March.

Have you been procrastinating when it comes to your life's purpose or your dreams? We owe it to ourselves, and to God to pursue these things. If they are meant to be, they will be. Why not now?

All my best, Tammy Arlene

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