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Tackling Negative Thoughts

Hello! Happy Spring everyone, although the weather has been a bit temperamental. An update on me - I have been busy writing, preparing my book proposal and working the good ol' day job. I hope to be published by September! Yikes - this is really happening. :)

Yesterday I decided to chat on video versus writing a post - except I cannot figure out how to get the video to post! I am a writer, not a tech gal. Please check out my Facebook page if you want to watch the video. The link provided here:

I hesitated to share the video because I felt vulnerable to admitting how I struggle with depression. I decided to hit publish here because there may be someone who can relate.

Hugs to everyone - may you all have a beautiful and glorious day.

I look forward to hearing from you! I am available via email (, snail mail and comments.

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