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Finding Balance in Our Busy World

A couple of weeks ago my husband and I took a trip to see Bryce Canyon, National Park. Along the way, we discovered a rutted dirt road that would take us on a sightseeing adventure through the Grand Staircase Escalante-National Monument. There were several places to stop and take short hikes to view geologic sites. It certainly wasn’t a shortcut, and four-wheel drive was a must. I was amazed at the number of vehicles that sped past, blasting us with dust and loud music as we looked at ancient oyster beds, rock formations, natural caves, and bridges. Keeping in mind, this was a road specifically designed for sightseeing, not a regular travel route.

What was the rush? Why were these people in such a hurry?

If we fail to slow down and inhale the quiet from time to time - truly appreciate where we are, we miss out on so much. I am speaking from experience because I have overlooked years of life’s beautiful wonders by focusing on being a workaholic and clean freak. I thought my value was based on accomplishments. I am going to contradict myself a little here, as I am grateful for the years of hard work that I put in – years that are paying me forward now in the form of residual income. I always made sure though, even in the midst of this busyness, to take a little bit of time to appreciate family and nature. As a mom caring for my aging parents, my family has always been a priority - if they needed to spend time with me, I stopped what I was doing. There will be seasons when life is demanding, and we are called to go above and beyond what we feel we can do. It is important to find pockets of time during these seasons to laugh, reflect, relax and appreciate family as well.

Being overwhelmed and overworked causes stress, which can wreak havoc on health and relationships. The key is balance, and there is no secret formula on how to manage this. We go through cycles in life that change the balance – and we need to find a way back to center at the first opportunity.

What do you do to find balance? Some pray, read, color, draw, journal or spend time in nature. Others may find balance in volunteering or making crafts. Some of us are still trying to figure out what we like to do because we have spent so much of our lives pleasing others, and doing what others wanted us to do.

Just know that your life is precious, your time is valuable! We need to take care of ourselves, and make being, and not just doing, a priority.

God did not create us and this beautiful planet so we could rush from place to place, He created us to love Him and each other. Please, beautiful, take time for you today. Take time to figure out what you like and enjoy. It is not selfish, it is necessary self-care!

Much love!

Tammy Arlene

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