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Getting Out of Focus

Hello! It's been a little while since I've had an update. I have been out of focus, and now I am adjusting the lens and getting busy writing! The book is finished, I am on the final edits. I have had a couple delays.

STOP THE PRESSES!! DELAYS? Yikes, that's a whopper of an excuse--it's more like me getting in my own way. Does anyone else experience this? If I had to point a figure at the person responsible for my delays, I'd have to look directly in the mirror. Gulp. Reality Check.

The photo above is distracting, right? It's out of focus and annoying. That's how our lives can become if we aren't paying close attention to what is important. I've written about focus before, but now I am taking it on as my mission. FOCUS is my "word" for the next 12 months. As I wrap up the final details on my book (which is way more involved than I thought!) I am working hard at focusing on what is important. Not only what is important to get the book done, but what is important to me as a person.

Keep an eye out for future posts. I will dive deep into the subject of FOCUS, sharing my experiences and insight along the way. I'll also be working on a workshop that I will share soon.

Workshop - Coming Soon!


(in a noisy world)

I'd love to get feedback on who is interested in this topic. I may create a private Facebook Group if there is enough interest and interaction on the subject.

Join in on the fun. If you want to be on my book launch crew, join my mailing list below. Then email me personally at / put "LAUNCH TEAM" in the subject. I will select 20 + people, information will be sent as soon as available. Members of this exclusive launch crew will receive a book preview and free autographed book!

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