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Have you let something small stop you from doing something BIG?

I haven’t blogged much, even though it brings me joy to share random thoughts here. I especially love the feedback and personal emails/communication I receive. Except . . .

*sound of screeching brakes*

Wait a minute! Why did I stop doing something that I love? You ask a good question.

Ahem. Let’s continue.

Except . . . I got discouraged. I was on a roll, writing and posting on a regular basis. I wrote a post about something that was on my heart. A friend sent me a text about it. I began a downward spiral of negative self-talk. I realize now, my feelings had nothing to do with the text, itself. Rather, my own insecurities had rushed to the surface unexpectedly. I cried. I began doubting myself, and questioning if I should bother putting my thoughts in a blog for the web browsing world, or worse, those that know me, to see. Especially if my words caused others to hurt, even unintentionally. I was facing emotional writer’s block. Read John 10:10. This internal attack was not of God. Sadly, I stopped writing anything personal. I questioned my heart and ceased journaling.

Looking back, I see how the enemy was at work here. I like to think about how a little pebble in your shoe is tolerable until a blister forms. That is what happened to me. I retained an itty-bitty seed of self-doubt, and when it turned into a blister, I threw away a good pair of shoes instead of removing the pebble and tending to the wound! Looking back, it's clear. Time in my prayer closet helped. I began journaling again. And, here I am, once again putting my thoughts out there.

I write these words to encourage you today. If you are facing doubt about what God has called you to do, please don’t give up. If you have, like me, let discouragement slow (or stop) your walk, it’s time to tend to your feelings in prayer, then begin once more.

In love,


P.S. If you’d like to join me in a 12 week study, check out From Pain to Purpose. (Link Below) Amazon has it on sale now.

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