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Goal Setting for 2021! Get Creative With It

We are coming up on the “New Year Resolution” season, where we set unrealistic goals for the upcoming year. Grand plans are made, and we may have every intention of reaching our goals. Perhaps, as the new year dawns, the thought crosses our mind that these goals never get accomplished. Perhaps we shouldn't bother with it. NOOOOOOOO! Let's cancel that negative self talk. Let's set actionable goals and stick to them.

"Negative Self Talk is a Goal Destroyer"

Are you ready to do something positive and permanent this year? I have most everything I need on my handy smart phone, but a gadget doesn't allow me to visualize my goals as I am creating them. Smart phones are great for putting action steps toward my goals into the calendar or on a "to do" list, once the goals are visualized.

When visualizing my goals, I use pen, marker, magazine cutouts, stencils, and other items. In the past, I’ve made vision boards and posted them in my home office. These worked well to keep my plans in front of me. Now I use a small 3 ring binder and keep it close at hand, so I can stay on track.

I create a cover first. I put a photo of the one I made for the new year above. I am setting goals in four areas in my life. There is something affirming about seeing it this way. I also have dividers and notebook sheets in between so I can note my progress and cancel out any negative self talk. I love marking off steps and doodling as I move forward throughout the year. I may even play with watercolor on some of the pages for fun. The dividers have pockets in them so I can store items that are related to that goal.

It is a wonderful feeling to flip through the binder at the end of the year and see how far I've come.

I'd love to hear from you about how you are setting goals for 2021.

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