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Mean What You Post/Post What You Mean

Updated: Sep 8, 2022

To those that know me personally, I am ok!

Warning, this post may be triggering to some.

I feel led to call something out this morning.

It seems that when news of a celebrity committing suicide or struggling with addiction hits the airwaves, social media goes nuts. What is it about those that are rich and famous that fascinates the rest of us? Somehow, we feel a sympathetic connection to glamorous people we don’t even know, and who probably wouldn’t give an ounce of care about us.

Newsflash: We have lovely people all around us that are fighting the same battles. Look past your screens! Stop the scroll, and set down your phone for a few minutes. Please, look at the living and breathing people in your vicinity (and across the dinner table from you) instead.

When something traumatic happens to a celebrity, newsfeeds go abuzz with people posting emotional things like: “I am here for you if you are struggling,” “you can call me anytime,” and “my door is open if anyone needs to talk.” Or, my least favorite - the ultimate copy and paste (and overused) post with “sit on my sofa, the coffee is always on. Blah blah, blah.”

Can I call this out and make a suggestion? Think about it. Check your motivation before posting anything like this on social media. Do you really mean it? If in doubt, don’t post something you can’t back up.

Don’t post something to make yourself feel or look like a morally good or pious person. Don’t lie to yourself and others.

And, if you do decide to post something like this, be prepared to back it up with your whole heart. Be prepared for that friend to call you. They might. And you might let them down, if your heart is not in the right place. If someone shares a struggle with you because they believe what you posted, and you ghost them because you can’t handle what they’ve shared, how did you help them?

Let’s be real here. Think about it.

Just writing what I see.

Love Y’all,


Message me, or comment if you need prayer.

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