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Noise Distractions/Clutter

Electronic distractions can create noise clutter in our lives. This type of distraction can cause emotional strain that is reflected in relationships with others, our ability to work, sleep, and maintain healthy eating habits.

Even when things seem quiet, there is noise if we have electronics nearby. It's a buzz that is not obvious - it is running in the background. Constant smartphone alerts, social media messages, texts and breaking news chimes, can leave a person pretty frazzled and disorganized. Just having our devices nearby can create stress.

Alerts and interruptions distract us from important tasks. We weren’t designed to “multi-task” or face constant dings and alarms. Some of these things can’t be avoided, however they can be muted. For example, I use a continuous glucose monitor so I keep my phone handy for extreme high and low alarms. I’ve turned off the other chimes.

Choose alert clutter that is not necessary and silence it. Check emails on a schedule instead of each time one pops in to the inbox. Phone calls are not always urgent, and voicemail can be handy. It may take discipline, and being firm yet kind with others, but it can be done.

Can you take time away from electronics and noise? Perhaps a walk in the forest or a park without any gadgets turned on will give you a much needed break.

Jesus took time away from the noise to focus on what was important, and we can practice this too. Even a short walk on a break can help clear the mind and relieve tension. Can you make time to give it a try?

What are your thoughts?

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